My name is Antonio Conejos.

With a degree in Business Administration from the Complutense University of Madrid and a postgraduate degree in Business Administration, I dedicated some good years of my life to the financial world working in a bank and two money market brokerage firms.

One day,  something inside me said “Enough!” Even though I existed for a long time in a place that felt hostile to my inner pulse, I feel grateful for that experience. Paying attention to that revulsion was what made me react and redirect my life.

But even though I knew what I didn’t want,  I still didn’t know what I really wanted.  I learned and worked in the carpentry trade, which I enjoyed for a few years.

Up to this point my perception of reality was rational, linear, physical, agnostic, finite  and limited.

I was encouraged  to ask for a study of Geobiology, a discipline that studies the interaction of energies coming from the Earth with people.  For example, how it affects us if our bed is on top  of an underground stream of water or the plot of land on which we’re going to build a house. Impressed with the movements produced by a pendulum and dowser rods that they used to measure, I decided to learn and practice this discipline.

This began a path of questioning that favoured a change that could  no longer be reversed:

  • Who am I?
  • Where do we come from?
  • What is beyond the physical body?
  • What happens when we die?
  • What is my personality, my soul, my Higher Self?
  • How is the reality we live made up?
  • How can I interact with that reality to align myself with my Higher Self?
  • What is my energetic authority?
  • How can I manifest my energetic authority aligned with the Greater Good, to change personal and collective reality?
  • Etc.

While these questions were being configured in me internally, people, formations and books appeared, which, added to the experiences I had, caused changes to be anchored. This series of events widened my horizons and deepened my spiritual awakening.

Healing appeared through a Hebrew Pendulum course, another turning point in my life. I had never thought that I would be a therapist before , but what went through the pendulum fascinated and amused me, there were extraordinary results and I had an ever-increasing need to learn more about Healing. It was then that I felt that this was what I really wanted to dedicate myself to.

I deepened my training to have the necessary basis to understand and transmit the mechanisms of energy. After years of training and professional practice combined with carpentry, the natural time came to devote myself exclusively to Healing.

The techniques of Healing that I use today have been arriving from conscious contact with my inner Being, with the Guides and Masters and certain incarnated beings, and through the accompaniment of hundreds of people, spaces and systems. There is a constant evolution in the execution of the work that allows access to ever deepening  and multidimensional levels of healing and liberation.

If I summarize in just one paragraph my learning, it is that we have an immense power and that  through the Integration of Light and Darkness, we can put it in service of separation or in service of Love. The Integration of Light and Darkness has always been present in the sessions, but it was not until the spring of 2018 that I fully integrated it into all the work I was doing, including even the darkest energetic entities. This has meant a profound and continued evolution in the work.

We live in a dual reality, the Light and the Darkness, one does not make sense without the other. Society in general tries to convince us that they are separate: the good and the bad, the right and the wrong. However true Love integrates Light and Darkness.  When we are able to look at our shadow, we begin to produce the flow of Light towards the Darkness, without forgetting that the origin of that perspective has been the Darkness itself. When together we honor the presence of that inner hurt child and unconditionally offer him/her all the available Light, the magic of Love is produced through the transformation from separation into Integration: Healing.

I make my work available to Humanity, Gaia, and the Universe.  I can humbly contribute to the experience of a more integrated reality and proximity to the Truth.

And I THANK all experiences, realities and beings that have led to all this learning and the learning in our path forward.