Sometimes we find ourselves in places that we feel «bad vibes”, including our own home. Something internally perceives energies that are not in tune with us. Those are places with the presence of low frequency energies and/or alterations in their energetic field that favor the entry and exit of these energies.

There are multiple symptoms, besides personal feeling and intuition, that can make us think about the need for Energetic Cleansing of our house or business place:

  • Those mentioned in the Energetic Cleansing for People section (link to syntoms).
  • Noises heard without any logical reason.
  • Objects move by themselves.
  • Babies and/or pets act unusually at certain areas or moments:
    • staring at “nowhere” (those could be “friendly” energies, you can tell by their expression).
    • crying more than usual
    • barking or mewing to nobody or anything
  • People feel insecure or afraid in some areas of the house or business, they see or feel shadows or beings, or they have nightmares. Children tend to be more sensitive to these energies.
  • Electrical and electronic devices get ruined too often.
  • It is “difficult” to look ourselves in certain mirrors.
  • Etc.

In Energetic Cleansing we liberate the place of those unwanted energies, close the unwanted energetic openings, and clean the invaded atmosphere and physical elements (furniture, walls, etc.) from low frequency energies in order to re-establish the energetic balance. Also it is important to evaluate if proceeding to a cleansing of the people affected by the places is needed.

The origin of these alterations is diverse:

  • Souls of people who died and were dwellers of that space.
  • Projection of low-frequency energies of the dwellers, owners, even builders (fears, resentment, violence, humiliation, etc.).
  • Dimensional overtures and breaks that generate spots of strong energetic loss allowing entry of low frequency energies.
  • Invasion of low-frequency energies into the building, floor, walls, or furniture.
  • Unwanted subtle presences.
  • “Open» mirrors.
  • Black magic
  • Etc.

An Energetic Cleansing and harmonization of a space can be vitally important. We may be doing alternative or conventional treatments for disease resolution, for example, but we may not recover totally or fall into other issues or diseases due to the energy quality of the place in which we spend more time (home or office).

When I work in the harmonization of a place I also take into account the aspects that I develop in the Geobiology section . We may be treating physical issues of any kind, but if our bed or workplace is right over an area with strong geopatic alteration we will not recover as it were neutral. It may even be the cause of what is affecting us.

It is not only important to cleanse the place but also to evaluate our responsibility on our energetic relationship to it as well. Many times the projection of our own shadows can be the origin of the low energy atmosphere of a place and it can be balanced and healed through an individual session.

I am enthusiastic about accompanying people to re-establish their energy balance in their homes or workplaces. If you feel that I can accompany you in this process of cleansing, if you want to check out if it is necessary to do it or not, or if you need to clarify or share something, you can contact me without any compromise. You can also consult the Sessions with spaces   to know how these take place, wherever your house or you are.