A system is a complex entity formed by different members.

We can bring the liberating and transforming power of an Energetic Cleansing to any kind of systemic organization: families, companies, associations, congregations, events, trials, etc.

On numerous occasions there is a clear focus on the direction of the system, however it is not achieved that the energy flows properly due to different factors, some that we are aware of and many times not recognized and / or difficult to recognize:

  • Internal conflicts
  • External conflicts
  • Karmic relations
  • Parasitic energies
  • Past or present connections to other limiting systems
  • Limiting patterns
  • Etc.

Working with the elements that are interfering in the energy of the system eases it takes its identity back in a more integral way and concentrating more strength  and energy to carry out its mission in a freer way.

We are always going to work for the Hghest Good. Many people ask me to work on a trial, for instance. I never put any intention for any of the parts to win the trial, but cleanse as much as it is shown from all participants of the trial, including not only the 2 parts but the layers, the judge, the district attorney, etc. in order the trial system energy flows as much aligned with the Highest Good as possible.

The results of Energetic Cleansing  with systems, as with people, are very diverse: from immediate changes to changes that might take months for the energy to integrate and that also need a personal action here in the 3D of the people who compose it. In any case, leading the system to a evolving change is much easier after liberating it from involutive energies.

If you have any questions or you want to check out with no compromise if your system may need an Energetic Cleansing you can contact me here. If you want to know more about how the Energetic Cleaning sessions with Systems are developed you can click here.