Besides our physical reality, there are different energy dimensions where a wide range of frequencies exist, from the darkest to the densest to the brightest. Sometimes low frequency external parasitic energies, for some reason, burst into our energy bodies, reducing our energy and therefore influencing our health, vitality and balance.

In the Healing section we talked about the responsibility we have over our physical and subtle health. Undisclosed or unsolved experiences from the past and how we face the present determine our evolution and how our body, emotions, mind, and spiritual connection manifest. We look at the parasitic low frequency energies the same way: why are those energies in our reality at this moment, and face it to heal and balance.

Dark entities, hardened souls (also called spirits or ghosts), black magic, possessions, psychic attacks, evil eye, spells, moorings  or low astral energies are examples of low frequency energies that are much more habitually present than we can imagine, even though we have not had conscious contact with that world. The presence of those energies can affect us by compromising our energetic and vital balance. Energetic Cleansing can be a solution.

Some symptoms that indicate an external energetic possession:

  • Lack of vitality and energy
  • Sleeping, resting or recovering issues.
  • Nightmares
  • Illnesses that last longer than usual.
  • Accumulation of «unfortunate» circumstances.
  • Sensation of general heaviness, or in back, legs or other body parts.
  • Feeling of being «forced to do something» without the will to do so.
  • Lack of grounding.
  • Unpleasant odor such as sewer, fish, liquor or tobacco.
  • Strange sensations in the body, usually head, chest or abdomen.
  • Etc. (click to go back to Places symptoms)

You may suffer from some of these or other symptoms, but they could be the result of a different cause. It might be necessary that a specialist in Energetic Cleansing evaluate the circumstances to adequately address the symptoms, the reason those energies are present, and the balancing of the responsibilities.

I love my job but but this is an area that I enjoy even more than others. I am always exploring newer, deeper, and denser energies. Once in a while, when  healing new levels of darkness, a sign is shown to me to cleanse myself in order to access a new level of personal consciousness and freedom.  I consider self-examination extremely important for any kind of therapist, but especially to those that have to deal with such energies.

I have discovered that Love is the way to understand those “dark” encounters. I used to fight against those dark energies and I felt proud of winning those battles until I realized that. Love energy has lead me to deal with stronger and harder energies with a deeper result of cleansing and to the most effective Integration in myself and my clients. Now I feel Peace in these works, and not the «winner» of anything.

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