Healing is an energy therapy through which the facilitator (“healer”) evokes the ability to channel the energy of Love through the energy bodies in order to re-establish the balance of the healing target: a person, a group of people, an animal, a place, or a system.

As an energy therapy, we understand that our body is made out of different vibratory fields:

– The physical body, which is the most dense energy and is evident to all who can see and/or touch.
– The subtle bodies: the emotional body, the mental body, and the spiritual body.

The subtle bodies are not so evident to our conventional senses. However, Ayurveda (traditional medicine of India), for example, has recognized for thousands of years the existence of the aura and the way it is structured (chakras, nadis, energetic layers). Another more familiar and millenary energy therapy is Acupuncture that works through the physical body with needles to influence the energetic meridians that run through the body.

Today, many people are awakening sensibilities attributed in other times to people with “special powers”. These sensitivities awaken the perception of subtle fields. I am deeply interested in exploring and experiencing those aspects, which has lead me to develop and amplify these capacities in myself. But we ALL have these aptitudes. It is in our genetic codes, and in the subtle memory of our Being.

We are responsible for our physical and subtle health. Undisclosed or unsolved experiences remain engraved in our subtle bodies as dense energy, hindering the free flow of energy. Depending on the experience, its intensity, and its repetition over time, that energy density may manifest in any of the subtle and/or physical bodies as spiritual, mental, emotional or physical problems. Life is going to bring us situations that we would need to face to give us the chance to solve and in turn release this blocked energy. This is why repetitive conflicts may occur in our lives in marraige, jobs, children, relationships, or illnesses. We can avoid, postpone, or deny the patterns, but sooner or later we will see them again until we really face and finally solve them.

We can release that dense energy in an effective, quick and powerful way through Healing.  Basically what we do in Healing is:

  • Connect with those energy blockages that we can immediately perceive, or even those we are not aware of, and release them. The manifestation of these blockages may be:
    • Pain, injuries or illnesses
    • Lack of vitality.
    • Emotions that limit our activity or how we face certain situations or in general: fears, anxiety, sadness, abandonment, etc.
    • Addictions.
    • Phobias.
    • Allergies.
    • Repetition of family or generational patterns.
    • Pathological and/or symbiotic relationships: submission-domain, violence-aggression, dependence, etc.
    • Traumatic loss or death.
    • Lack of grounding.
    • Etc.
  • Balancing  and repairing the energetic bodies:
    • Repairing energy leaks.
    • Repairing and balancing of chakras.
    • Reintegration of energy layers.
  • Activation your energy bodies:
    • Frequency  raising
    • Chakra Activation
    • Work and activation of Merkabah
    • DNA Reprogramming
    • Connecting with Spiritual Guides and Masters
    • Multidimensional work and activation
    • Spiritual Initiation

The outcome or process of the Healing may be very diverse:

  • Immediate reaction sessions in which a conflict that dragged on for many years (maybe even lives) is solved in a single session.
  • Blockages that need several sessions. In many occasions we need to cover different aspects or depth of the blockage.
  • Sessions of great internal transcendence that begin to take place in daily life.
  • Sometimes healing a blocked aspect of you involves the emergence of another one forgotten or even perceived as solved in the past. Although there are processes that may seem tiring for this reason, internally there is a breakthrough.
  • The sensations can be diverse, depending on the sensitivity of the person. Perceiving the energy movement in a session is relatively common, but not perceiving it doesn’t mean that energy isn’t moving.
  • You might have different sensations after a session: liberation, lightness, numbness, or exhaustion.
  • There may be situations of discomfort. It may be because the process is not finished, but generally it is due to an internal energy restructuring and a time of adjustment that is needed. If after a session you may have the feeling of being worse than before, what is happening is an acceleration of the healing process and also your body is calibrating. It is part of the process that will lead you to be better than before the session.

Regardless of how the process is and the sensations you may experience, the important thing is to listen to that internal impulse that seeks to heal the old issues that we no longer want or need. A  liberation that goes from our Heart to our Soul. The lighter your baggage is, the lighter and more enjoyable your walk will be. It becomes easier to enjoy the path and to choose the shortest one towards our Awakening and Remembering who we really are and what our true nature is.

It is important to point out that in any of the work I do there is no certain mental pretension from me to achieve something that I believe or think may be “right» or «good». On the contrary, my intervention in the sessions is limited to evoke and move the energy that is projected from your Higher Self. These dimensions are beyond our mental and social frameworks.  Sometimes I find it hard to use rational explanation about the work that has been done, as this is not really the important thing but the depth of healing that takes place.

Remember, although we call ourselves «healers» the only one who heals, is you. «Healers» are a tool, a bridge, that ease the release of that which you don’t need. If you feel that I can accompany you in this process, or you have doubts about whether it is possible or how we could do it, you can contact me  from wherever you are and we will share. If you want to know more about how the sessions work, you can click here.