The individual session can be either Healing and/or Energy Cleaning according to the needs detected in the conversation prior to the session or in the session itself. They really always go together and if both are needed we will start with  Energetic Cleansing (external elements) and  then to deepen Healing (internal elements).

Any person can be the object of these sessions:

  • No matter the age: from babies to the elderly.  Pregnant women can also receive these sessions.
  • No matter which physical health: from healthy to terminally ill people.
  • No matter which emotional health: people who are balanced or emotionally overwhelmed.
  • No matter the mental health: people mentally balanced or unbalanced.
  • No matter the spiritual awareness: people aligned or not with their Soul and with their Higher Self.


  • Children: Usually shorter sessions than with adults, about 35 minutes.
  • Adults: approximately 45 minutes


  • I do mainly distance sessions, either by phone/Whatsapp calls or by Skype. The distance sessions have EXACTLY THE SAME reach and healing power than the face-to-face ones. When we work with energy there is no space or time limitation. It is like when we connect with someone we love, we feel that something happens, wherever that person is.
  • Presential sessions in Galapagar (Madrid-Spain)
  • Depending on certain circumstances I may consider moving to your place, although, I insist, the healing power is EXACTLY THE SAME than distance sessions.

If all this resonates with you, you want to do asession or you have any doubt or question about it, you can contact me.