Any animal can receive a session of Healing or Energetic Cleaning. To do this I would need to gather basic information about the symptoms it has from the people who care for it.

As I have already mentioned, often what happens to the animal is a reflection of what happens to those who take care of it, because there is an energetic symbiosis. They absorb energies from their caregivers so it can also be an opportunity for caregivers to solve and release, if that was the case.

Duration: 30 minutes approx.


  • I do the sessions mostly at distance. The distance sessions have EXACTLY THE SAME reach and healing power than the face-to-face sessions.
  • Depending on certain circumstances I can consider displacing to your place, although, I insist, the strength of distance work is EXACTLY THE SAME.

If the above resonates and you feel that I can accompany your pet or have any questions about it, you can contact me.