The first thing I do is checking the energy of the flat, office, house, work center, building or the construction or place in question, to verify that it is indeed necessary to do the cleaning. Sometimes it hasn’t been necessary.

Afterwards, I complete the necessary tasks for its energy balance: cleaning, healing, geobiological harmonisation, etc. After a few days I check the space to see how it is and assess whether it is necessary to do a second cleaning, although it is not usually needed.

Biannual check-ups are recommended, not so much for the energies that were previously there, but other new ones that may have appeared (you can ask me for a checkup without commitment to see if a cleaning  is necessary or not). Generally, when there has been an integral cleaning work of the space and the dwellers (habitual causes of the imbalances of the spaces) the result is usually very lasting.


  • It is variable depending on the size of the space and the conditions in which it is. Orientative around 1 hour.


  • II doesn’t matter where the space you want to clean is placed.  I do most of the cleanings and harmonizations of spaces at  distance with a raised hand drawn plane. As I mentioned in other sections, the distance work HAS THE SAME EFFECTIVENESS and healing power than an in-person. When we work with energy there is neither space nor time. It’s like when we connect with someone we love and feel something special, no matter where they are.
  • Depending on the location we can think of doing the work physically, although, I insist, THE STRENGTH OF THE DISTANCE WORK IS THE SAME.

If all this resonates with you and you would like to clean or check out a space or have any question about it, you can contact me.