Any type of systemic organization can be the object of an Energetic Healing and Cleaning:

  • Any kind of grouping: families, companies, organizations, communities, associations, lawsuits (trials?), collectives in general, events, etc.
  • From any temporary line: past (already extinct), present or future (projects).
  • Any location: anywhere in the world.
  • Any size: from a small company to a multinational, for example.

I start the sessions with Systems by collecting data with the person who commissions the work (or any other if needed). Sometimes a basic organization chart is required to «place» the different components of the system as a basis for work.


  • I mostly do the sessions at distance, either by phone (also Whatsapp or Telegram call) or by Skype. As I have repeated before, distance sessions have EXACTLY THE SAME reach and healing power than face-to-face ones.
  • Depending on certain circumstances we can think of doing the work physically, although, I insist, the strength of the distance work is EXACTLY THE SAME.

If all this resonates with you and you would like to cleanse or check out a systemic organization or have any question about it, you can contact me.